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Custom Training


Custom training provides specialized instruction for your company’s specific fiber optic needs. The course material can cover a wide range of subjects and prepares each student to correctly and efficiently install, troubleshoot and maintain your fiber optic network. Our training is vendor neutral so that we can provide you with hands on exposure to a wide variety of manufacturers products. This aids you in making educated purchasing decisions for your company. Each customer can provide their own equipment, not used by JM Fiber Optics; therefore, the training is based on the equipment you will use on a daily basis.

Customized training is geared towards private companies, government agencies, military, unions, and other  organizations who wish to train their staff using the latest techniques and to follow industry standards. Courses can be designed for any duration that will meet your needs. Long-term and periodic training contracts for new staff is available.

This course allow us to come to you or bring your staff to our fiber optic training center. Either way, you get the training you want and how you want it!


Why A Custom Training Course Through JM Fiber Optics?

The answer is simple. Our instructors have several years of “real-world” experience working in ISP and OSP environments specific to fiber optics. We not only teach you general practices set forth by industry standards, but we go well beyond. Training is taught specifically by our instructors and not inexperienced manufacturer representatives who call themselves instructors. JM Fiber Optics does not offer training without hands-on to support the classroom curriculum. Why is this important? Because you simply cannot gain the experience and education necessary to become a fiber optic technician by watching instructional videos on-line or reading general published “how to” information. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices, on-line imitations and “traveling road show” training from a hotel conference room. Do like hundreds have done before you and train your staff the right way … the JM Fiber Optics way!

If you have any questions regarding training offered by JM Fiber Optics, feel free to give a call during normal business hours (PDT) at 1-888-343-4237. You can also send an email to or register online.


At JM Fiber Optics, we look forward to solving your fiber optic training needs, today!