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Installation & Restoration


Inside Plant, Underground and Aerial

JM Fiber Optics provides full-service, self-performed fiber cabling, troubleshooting, and restoration services. We combine traditional pathway and aerial installations with new micro fiber cable and multi-chamber innerduct technology. For that reason, this allows for an infrastructure that will support your current and future cabling needs. A long-term partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, ensures that we will make available the latest technology solutions.

Installation services include:

  • Innerduct and fiber cable (hand, wench & jetting) in duct banks
  • Aerial overhead fiber cable
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing
  • Tier 1 OLTS & Tier 2 OTDR fiber certification testing
  • Premise cabling
  • CAT 6A certification testing
  • 1 & 10 Gbps network performance certification testing

Our team of ETA-certified installers and technicians as well as BICSI-registered RCDD, ensures your fiber network will be installed and tested to the latest industry standards and documentation systems.

Troubleshooting and Restoration 


With a team of professionals, and an outstanding safety record, we are ready for any fiber cut or outage that may arise. This ranges from troubleshooting and analysis, fiber splicing, testing, and any other repair that may be required. For that reason, we can provide fiber repair and restoration services in any environment. We will work with you each step of the way to ensure a trouble-free process, so that all repairs are completed on time at the price we quoted! Every technician is COVID vaccinated. They adhere to the latest OSHA safety protocols, as well as our own strict safety guidelines. 24/7 emergency troubleshooting and restoration is available, as well as yearly service and maintenance contracts

For more information about our professional field services, please feel free to contact us at any time or give us a call toll free at 1-888-343-4237.