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JM Fiber Optics recently self-performed the design, installation, integration, testing and/or commissioning for the following Mass Transit projects:


Project: C65322C1194R – Airport Metro Connector Site Work and Rails System Construction.
Description: Supply, installation, splicing and testing of two 144-strand singlemode fiber optic cable, 24-strand singlemode fiber optic cable and innerduct. As built, shop drawings and work plan are included.


Project: OP45636 – Furnish and Install Fiber Optic Cable.
Description: Responsibilities included material supply, fiber optic cable and innerduct and related hardware installation, splicing and testing at each TPSS, TCBB and TPSS communication room along the entire Green Line.

Project: C1081 – Metro Blue Line Signal System Rehabilitation.
Description: Responsibilities included a fiber optic network design, specification updating, as built drawings, and development of fiber assignment schedule.

Project: OP39603075 – Supply and Install In-Cab Rail Cameras.
Description: Responsibilities included material supply, installation, system programming and testing of new IP camera system for Red and Gold line trains.

Project: P39222548 – IDIQ for Communication Systems and Support.
Description: Multi-year contract for supply and technical support services to support Metro’s fiber optic Communication Transmission System (CTS)  and Transit Passenger Information System (TPIS).

Project: OP39222548 & OP39601922 – Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Line TPIS
Description: Supply, integration, and testing of Metro’s updated TPIS. Products and services included: system design, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), integration with CTS, and Site Acceptance Testing (SIT).

Project: PS26102486 – Security Control Center Upgrade.
Description: Responsibilities included design, material supply, installation, testing, as built and shop drawings for a new security and control center at Metro headquarters. Also included FAT, integration with IT network, and SIT.


Project: MS260A – Communication and Signal Installation Services.
Description: Responsibilities include fiber optic cable installation, splicing, and testing, and CIS monitor installation.

Project: MS289-22 – Track and Signal Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Services.
Description: Responsibilities include project workplan, fiber optic cable installation, splicing, testing, troubleshooting and repair to support the Security Data Network (SDN).


Project: C3106-11 – Communication Systems Expansion and Rehabilitation.
Description: Responsibility included the fiber network design, CTS equipment supply, installation and testing to support the I-10 communication system expansion.


Project: 7-1904 – OC Streetcar.
Description: Responsibility includes the CTS and PIS network design, material supply, system integration, testing and commissioning for the entire OCTA Streetcar project.


Project: 21P366 – Real-Time Sign Replacement Pilot and Implementation.
Description: Responsibilities supply and installation of P1 and P3 LED displays from TransitVUE® for Nicolette Mall, A and C Lines.


Project: FC00070 – FAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Upgrade.
Description: Responsibility included PIS design, material supply and Cloud integration for the FAX Blackstone and Ventura/Kings Canyon corridors BRT.

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