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ETA® Fiber Optics Installer


Our 5-day ETA® approved Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) course is designed for all individuals who have little to no experience working with communication fiber optics. This course is perfect for someone just getting into the fiber optics industry, site inspector, design engineer, supervisor or project manager.

By becoming an ETA® certified FOI, you will have a general understanding of optical fiber installation, connectorization, splicing, and testing. You’ll become familiar with all aspects of optical fiber and cable, connectors, and splice performance characteristics described in TIA-568, ITU-T G.671, ITU-T G.652 and Telcordia GR-326.  A FOI can perform connector endface evaluation as described in TIA/EIA-455-57B, is proficient in optical loss testing as described in TIA/EIA-526-14A, and understands the installation requirements described in articles 250 and 770 of the National Electrical Code (NEC®). An FOI will be proficient with termination of various types of connectors for OSP and ISP types fiber optic cables, and can perform mechanical and fusion splicing.

The course material prepares each student for the ETA® CFOI examination. You will be guided every step of the way through the Skills Testing part of the program, as you perform all of the tasks necessary to become a Certified Fiber Optics Installer. You will be working with the latest and most advanced fiber optics tools and test equipment available! Each student will be given a manual to keep and their own tool and termination kit to use during training. We utilize the latest termination, polishing, splicing and ISP & OSP test and certification equipment from leading fiber optic industry manufacturers such as Fluke, AFL, Noyes, Fujikura and more.

Upon successful completing of the “hands-on” Skills Testing portion of the course, you may take the seventy-five (75) question multiple choice ETA® CFOI exam. You must receive a passing score of 75% or better (19 wrong or less) on the written exam and pass the Skills Testing portion of the course to earn your certification as a Fiber Optics Installer through this program.


Why become an ETA® Certified Fiber Optics Installer through JM Fiber Optics?

Our instructors have several years of “real-world” experience working in ISP and OSP environments. We not only teach you what is required by ETA® to become a certified FOI, but we go well beyond. Since we’re vendor neutral, you’ll receive “no sales pitch” from manufacturer representatives who call themselves instructors and are more concerned about up selling you on their products instead of educating you.

JM Fiber Optics does not offer training without hands-on to support the classroom curriculum. Why is this important? Because simply reading what some fiber optic organizations publish on-line or watching videos, does not and never will teach you the skills needed to become a working fiber optic technician. In fact, you’ll be left feeling more lost than before you started. Our fully equipped training lab will bring real-word applications and environments you’ll find in the field.

Don’t be fooled by cheap, on-line imitations and “traveling road show” training from a hotel conference room. Do like hundreds have done before you and sign up for training from JM Fiber Optics today!